Viable Option for Retiring NFL Players

The career of a National Football League (NFL) player is a short one in terms of longevity. A simple injury can destroy a career. The wear and tear of this physical contact sport can render a player in seriously poor helath when he reaches retirement age. There are those players who continue to play in the League and are making large salaries, but those that leave them game must decide to cut back on their lifestyle or find a profitable second career.

For those players who decide not to go into broadcasting or coaching, there is a very lucrative way to stay connected to a high annual salary; the buying and selling of real estate. NFL players who have saved some of their seven figure incomes can make the safest available investment by buying real estate. Many professional players remain in the communities where they played out their careers and have a background or base, in that area. They may have friendly relations with bankers, realtors, business professionals and fellow players who can help in finding and financing properties for the newly retired NFL player.

A retired NFL player can contact draft picks and freshman players from his team, offering those players homes with a lease option and develop a rapport with these players for future business. College players joining the professional ranks likely do not have a home in their new team’s city, and the retired player turned businessman has a huge advantage. Since football stadiums are located in metropolitan markets where business is an important aspect of the community these areas typically have exclusive communities that professional ball players are drawn towards. These usually private and gated communities keep the player distanced from the media and offer a sense of privacy that he would have trouble finding in public.

While many startup businesses can require extensive staff, licenses, permits, and legal instruments, the NFL player can begin his real estate career as a private person alone and purchase properties only as an investment tool.

Some notable former NFL players successful in real estate include:

Roger Staubach

ND Kalu

Than Merrill