Development in Downtown Baltimore

There are a lot of interesting and impressive plans set for new property development in Baltimore. Both residential areas and office spaces will be created in a busy and popular parts of town. Which businesses will set up and what can be expected in the apartments?

Big Projects in Busy Areas

Metropolitan Partnership Ltd. is planning to build a 33-story building that includes 340 apartments as well as 10 floors of offices. The building is to be placed on top of a 646-spot parking garage at One Light Street. The apartment project alone is looking to cost around $110 million. This is a busy and important section of the city. City leaders and the Downtown Partnership both back the project, which makes this site’s development a higher priority.

What Will Be Built

The plans show retail stores at each corner of the site and two-story apartments on the President Street side. Panelists leaned toward not knowing if residents would want to live on the side of the busy President Street. The developer made sure to account for pedestrians and even asked the city to push nearby repairs at other businesses.

Other Development in the Area

There are a couple of different development areas near this busy section of Baltimore. The Southern Hotel was demolished in 2000 and since it has not been developed on. With so much work going on so close, city officials feel someone may be building on the block soon. There is a 404-foor glass tower in the works that will include both apartments and office areas. It is being built near the Inner Harbor.

This key development in downtown Baltimore will add rooms for many residents as well as places for businesses to set up shop. With all the construction being done in this area you should be able to find yourself a brand new apartment in the downtown Baltimore area pretty easily, or, if you are a business owner, maybe a new place to work.