2017 Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship

The historical championship was held at waters of Porto Cervo, Italy. The beautiful waters were perfect for the race. As the ability for most speed was at 17-18 knots this was a great start to an amazing race. The wind was in cooperation with the race as well. It gave the crews a chance to show the world what they have to offer in the race.

This 2017 Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship first race is won by Bella Mente of Internation Maxi Associtation Vice President Hap Fouth. The second race was won by George Sakellaris Proteus.
Maddalena archipelago was the pathway for the other classes that partaked in the race sailing anticlockwise.

The winner in the Wally class was Galateia of David M. Leuschen. Winner in the Super Maxi was 33m WinWin. Although every racer has their luck and draw backs not ever racer can be a winner. With much luck of the boat and the crew and of course the weather takes a big play in every race.

Second place of the Super Maxi 32.6m Ribelle, and this was only their third event to participate in.
“Conditions are better for us when there is less wind,” said Ball. “Our tatcis worked better and the team was more focused. The boat has been performin very well and we are surprised about that, because we are up against racers like Rambler 88.” http://www.sailing.org/news/43015.php#.Wd0XcdEt3ct
Maxi Racer Crusier 1 had a past winner Carlo Puri Negri with his Farr 70 Atalanta II.

“There was a little less wind and at the end it was upwind. All the other races were reaching or you just went straight. Today there were more tactics,” he said of their win.”

The overall contested class winner Roberto Lacorte with Vismara 62 SuperNikka. Overall Mini Maxi Racer Crusier 2 went to Riccardo De Michele with Vallicelli 80 H2O. “We sailed a very good race and maybe we were a little bit lucky, because when the wind shifted we were in the right place at the right moment,” he said.

2017 Maxi 72 Overall award-winning trophy was given to Dieter Schon’s Momo. This year’s race was a close but exciting race for the competitors. Given that the weather and waters upheld the conditions for a race of all times. Congratulations to the entire winners of this year’s 2017 Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship.

The 2017 Healthy Kidney 10k Race is Right Around the Corner

Why Do We Need Healthy Kidneys?
Kidneys remove waste and excess water from bloodstreams. They also help control blood pressure levels. And yet, as they important as they are, we sometimes fail to recognize signs of kidney disease until real or permanent damage is done. It’s true that we can function with a single kidney for a while. It’s true that dialysis machines can replace actual kidneys for a while. But in order to truly obtain the benefits derived from the two kidneys nature intended us to have, we need to keep them intact and healthy. And this is not just one nation’s issue. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) was identified as an increasing global health problem in 2004. Since then, medical professionals, administrators, and government officials have all struggled to find ways to make the public aware of this serious health issue, and to raise funds for treatment and research.

The Healthy Kidney 10K Race
Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), received treatment and ultimately a kidney transplant in the United States’ Cleveland Clinic early in the 21st century. After his death, a 10 kilometer road race was created in his honor and sponsored by the UAE, the proceeds of which benefit the National Kidney Foundation. This organization helps locate organs for transplant, and assists CKD sufferers with support and services. The race is held annually and in New York City’s Central Park. The Healthy Kidney 10K is really several races in one-an “elite level” race for men and women, an open “fun run” for the general public, and more recently, a special 10K event was added for younger runners. All races are followed by a festival. Athletes from all over the world come to compete in this event, which features a challenging course. Held on May 14, 2016, the race had 8,000+ participants, thousands of enthusiastic spectators, and beautiful weather. Kenyans Lucas Rotich (time 28:29) and Cynthia Leno (time 31:39) won the men and women’s races.

You Don’t Have to Be a Pro to Participate
The 2017 Healthy Kidney 10K will be held on Sunday, April 9th. Thousands of spectators and participants are again expected. There will be excitement, experience, and prizes for all levels of runners, the chance to participate in one of New York City’s most exciting road races, and the chance to help raise funds and knowledge to combat a serious disease. So mark your calendars now for a chance to participate either as a racer or spectator in this transformative event.

Viable Option for Retiring NFL Players

The career of a National Football League (NFL) player is a short one in terms of longevity. A simple injury can destroy a career. The wear and tear of this physical contact sport can render a player in seriously poor helath when he reaches retirement age. There are those players who continue to play in the League and are making large salaries, but those that leave them game must decide to cut back on their lifestyle or find a profitable second career.

For those players who decide not to go into broadcasting or coaching, there is a very lucrative way to stay connected to a high annual salary; the buying and selling of real estate. NFL players who have saved some of their seven figure incomes can make the safest available investment by buying real estate. Many professional players remain in the communities where they played out their careers and have a background or base, in that area. They may have friendly relations with bankers, realtors, business professionals and fellow players who can help in finding and financing properties for the newly retired NFL player.

A retired NFL player can contact draft picks and freshman players from his team, offering those players homes with a lease option and develop a rapport with these players for future business. College players joining the professional ranks likely do not have a home in their new team’s city, and the retired player turned businessman has a huge advantage. Since football stadiums are located in metropolitan markets where business is an important aspect of the community these areas typically have exclusive communities that professional ball players are drawn towards. These usually private and gated communities keep the player distanced from the media and offer a sense of privacy that he would have trouble finding in public.

While many startup businesses can require extensive staff, licenses, permits, and legal instruments, the NFL player can begin his real estate career as a private person alone and purchase properties only as an investment tool.

Some notable former NFL players successful in real estate include:

Roger Staubach

ND Kalu

Than Merrill

Athletes Gain Competitive Edge with this Health Supplement

There are quite a few people around the world who are looking for a competitive advantage as they lift weights, train and compete on the field. They require a supplement that will change their lives, and they will find it at Mannatech.

Head quartered in Texas, Mannatech is an international research and health supplement company that uses science to create proper supplements for their clients. Each supplement built at Mannatech offers a bit of the natural that is healthy for users, and it provides energy that cannot be found in other places. The company has been dedicated to supplements for some time, and they are offering supplements that are more powerful than any other in the industry.

Supplements are required by anyone who has a deficiency of vitamins or minerals. They take single vitamins or minerals that are required for their health, but the raw materials are often not enough to provide what the user needs. They require a compound that will bring together the minerals and nutrients that are needed for their bodies. Mannatech has built compounds that are perfect for their needs, and they will find it quite helpful when they need extra to work out or exercise.

Supplements are dosed on the packaging, and Mannatech has done quite a lot of work to ensure every user has an idea of the dosage they must take. However, it is always best to consult a physician prior to taking new supplements. The test their products relentlessly, and they will find the products helping them when they use the instructions on the bottle. The company releases new supplements only when they are built properly, and they ensure each supplement serves a specific needs. Anyone who requires energy, ability to recover or a supplement for their workout program will find what they need when shopping with Mannatech.

Supplements are quite important as they provide to the world a way to remain energetic and focused on their goals. Mannatech is filling the gap for many people who are at a loss for energy or motivation, and each supplement is created using only the finest ingredients. The scientists in the Mannatech lab are working on ways to ensure their customers feel better, have more energy and may reach their fitness goals.

Development in Downtown Baltimore

There are a lot of interesting and impressive plans set for new property development in Baltimore. Both residential areas and office spaces will be created in a busy and popular parts of town. Which businesses will set up and what can be expected in the apartments?

Big Projects in Busy Areas

Metropolitan Partnership Ltd. is planning to build a 33-story building that includes 340 apartments as well as 10 floors of offices. The building is to be placed on top of a 646-spot parking garage at One Light Street. The apartment project alone is looking to cost around $110 million. This is a busy and important section of the city. City leaders and the Downtown Partnership both back the project, which makes this site’s development a higher priority.

What Will Be Built

The plans show retail stores at each corner of the site and two-story apartments on the President Street side. Panelists leaned toward not knowing if residents would want to live on the side of the busy President Street. The developer made sure to account for pedestrians and even asked the city to push nearby repairs at other businesses.

Other Development in the Area

There are a couple of different development areas near this busy section of Baltimore. The Southern Hotel was demolished in 2000 and since it has not been developed on. With so much work going on so close, city officials feel someone may be building on the block soon. There is a 404-foor glass tower in the works that will include both apartments and office areas. It is being built near the Inner Harbor.

This key development in downtown Baltimore will add rooms for many residents as well as places for businesses to set up shop. With all the construction being done in this area you should be able to find yourself a brand new apartment in the downtown Baltimore area pretty easily, or, if you are a business owner, maybe a new place to work.

U Miami Receives Generous Donation from the Soffer Family

The University of Miami was excited to announce the lead contributors of $15 million that will help to build a much-needed $30 million indoor football practice facility. They are Jeffrey and Jackie Soffer, who are siblings, co-CEOs, and business partners of the renowned and prominent real estate development company Turnberry Associates, which was founded by their father Donald. They will be donors along with their philanthropic family. The brother and sister carry on the tradition and legacy of Donald, who always built quality and always said that reputation is everything.

The full-scale facility will also include coaches’ offices and a weight room. It is essential as UM needs a place for its football team to practice during the frequent disrupting torrential rain and lightning that occurs in the area. UM is the only school in the Atlantic Coast Conference that is without such an indoor practice facility. For example, Florida State opened its in 2013 and the University of Florida unveiled its in August of 2015.

The South Florida billionaire Soffer family also owns a majority interest in the Fontainebleau Miami Beach which got a $1 billion renovation and expansion, a large percentage of the Aventura Mall which had originally been 785 acres of swampland, luxury homes and high-rise condos, apartments, offices, hotels, created the first high-rise condominium overlooking The Strip in Las Vegas, and many other far-flung properties. Jeffrey travels throughout the world with his supermodel wife, Elle Macpherson, and often flies their private plane for the many and varied business purposes.

The Soffers, along with developer Richard LeFrak, are building a $4 billion development on a 183-acre site at 15045 Biscayne Boulevard. It will have over one million square feet of commercial and retail space, up to 4,390 residential units, a lifestyle center, lagoons, and schools.

UM is working on generating the needed remaining financing for the facility, Coach Mark Richt is contributing $1 million, and the Hurricanes are hoping to have it all completed by 2018.

Next chapter of Loyola Lacrosse starts with Van Arsdale

Legendary coach Don Zimmerman retired after 23 years at the helm of the UMBC program, which prompted their hiring of former Loyola coach Ryan Moran. Looking to build off the success of last season, Loyola searched for a leader to add to their management team with experience of winning. On July 7th they found, and hired, Marc Van Arsdale who has spent the last 15 years with the Virginia lacrosse program.

Van Arsdale served as the assistant coach for UVA for the last 10 of those seasons, along the way winning three NCAA Division 1 championships – 2003, 2006, and 2011. Marc has a proven record of success, first as a player at Hobart where he helped the team win four straight NCAA Division III titles. Then as he began his coaching career at Penn, helping establish and stabilize their program before heading to UVA.

Another strong plus for Loyola is Van Arsdale’s experience coaching star players, much like rising sophomore the Greyhound’s own Pat Spencer. While at UVA March helped develop three Tewaaraton Award winners, two attackers Matt Ward in 2006, Steele Stanwick in 2011 and one midfielder in 2003, Chris Rotelli. After hitting record levels for assists and points as a freshman, Pat Spencer could thrive under Marc’s guidance. Team alumni including Sean Hecker have paved the way for this season’s impressive roster.

Speaking at his press conference Marc stated that he was looking “forward with great anticipation to getting started on helping Loyola continue to strive for prominence in the Patriot League and on the national lacrosse landscape.” Loyola is looking to build on their strong success of the 2016 season which saw the team reach the NCAA Final Four, their first trip there in four years since winning the NCAA championship in 2012.

Marc’s accomplishments have seen him inducted into the Hobart College Athletic Hall of Fame in 2001, and the Virginia Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2013. Loyola will be hoping Marc can bring Virginia’s history of consistent success to the program. While at UVA the team finished ranked in the top eight, eight of the nine past seasons, and reached the NCAA tournament quarterfinals every year from 2006-2012.

The Greyhounds return to campus in about a month’s time for the start of the 2016-2017 academic year.

6 Sports Tips for Improving Your Golf Swing

Golf can be a fun sport or a hobby, but it is also a common setting for business meetings or get-togethers. Before your next meeting on the 9d1bd2_5e519641455a4a5aa21179792ef9de70.png_srz_537_573_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzgreen, sharpen your golf swing by taking a look at these 6 sports tips. Start improving your golf swing and impress your boss or potential client. When it comes to the combination of sports and business, golf is almost always at the center.

1 – Keep Your Hands Low

When you follow through your shot, keep your hands low to limit the height of your swing. This will lower the height and trajectory of the ball, giving you more range. It is simple physics that the lower trajectory will create a further range while limiting drag and the effects of wind.

2 – Get Power From Your Body

The majority of your power comes from your body, not the strength of your arms. Focus on the motion of your spine and the rest of your body, for creating more power. Use your arms to guide the shot and your body to power it.

richard-swing3 – Improve Your Grip

Your grip has a major impact on your swing, make sure that you are holding your club correctly. The most common grip involves placing your pinkie finger on the trailing hand between the index and middle finger of the lead hand. If you have weak wrists or lack forearm strength, the interlocking grip will be more comfortable. For the interlocking grip, the hands are locked together.  

4 – Check Your Posture

golferIn addition to having a good grip, you should have a good stance. Check your posture to ensure you are properly aligned. First, align yourself to the pin. Imagine a line between the ball and the pin. You should be standing facing this imaginary line. Place your feet shoulder width apart, balancing your weight on the balls of your feet. Keep your knees relaxed and bend slightly at the hips, while keeping your back straight.

5 – Pay Attention to Your Swing

Every time that you swing the club, pay attention to the results. Remember how you were standing, the grip that you had on the club, and the position of your swing. Start making adjustments to your posture and swing based on the results that you get. All the golf advice in the world will not help you if you do not understand the mistakes that you are making.

6 – Understanding the Backswing and Downswing

When it comes to sports, the correct way to swing a golf club is probably one of the most debated topics. Despite the differences of opinions, the general idea is that you need to have a solid backswing and downswing.

imagesDuring the backswing, your shoulders should pivot towards your spine. Shift your weight to the back foot and bend your arms to a 90 degree angle. On the downswing, you are releasing your weight to the front foot, as you release your arms from their bend and swing through the ball. The downswing should be one solid motion. The important part of the backswing is getting your posture right. With the downswing, focus on the motion of your swing and the transfer of weight from your back foot to your front foot.

Many golfers believe that a good golf swing starts with the backswing. You need to have a solid setup, in order to have a great swing. Focus on perfecting your backswing, before dealing with your downswing. Continue following this tip, along with the rest of the suggestions, to begin improving your golf swing.